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Gorgeous Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas

So you’ve been invited for a wedding or wedo as we call it here in Kenya and are all excited but the biggest question is “What are you going to wear?!” This can be such a nerve wrecking question if you are clueless.

Today let me share some gorgeous outfit ideas which you can rock as a wedding guest effortlessly. But before that let me mention some golden tips which are important to know before selecting your wedding guest outfits especially if there is no specific theme and the bride is wearing white:

1.Spare solid white, off white, cream or any colour that takes after a white wedding gown for another day unless the bride and groom have requested. I mean it’s the bride’s day and you don’t want to outshine her.

2. Avoid colours which take after the bridal party. You don’t want to be confused to be part of the bridal party. They need to have their own different vibe.

3. Know the venue i.e is it a garden or ballroom wedding. If it’s a garden wedding, I’m sure you don’t want to be caught with those thin Stiletto heels stuck in the ground.

4. Don’t go too casual meaning avoid crop tops, jeans, t-shirts etc

Without wasting much time, here are some gorgeous wedding guest outfit ideas….I’m actually giving them names just for fun. So lets dive in:

The Glam Queen

This look is perfect for the lady who wants to stand out but keep it classy at the same time. The black stripes break the solid white hence perfect for a wedding guest. The irregular hem design at the front is just perfect. I’ve crowned the whole look with a fascinator and voila… wedding guest vibes achieved!

The African Queen

Perfect for the lady who wants a touch of African. You can simply add African Vibes by rocking an Ankara be it inform of a belt, top, dress, skirt etc the choice is yours. The Prints of this particular Ankara Kimono is EVERYTHING and Yellow is what dreams are made. Brightness!

Modern Day Princess

Florals laid out on a peach background, what else can a wedding guest ask for!

This sweet look is perfect for that lady who loves florals! I would rock this to a garden wedding! It’s such a simple and chic look. Besides the fascinator, what fascinates me about the dress is the gorgeous stretchy fabric as it’s super comfy and flattering to the body.

Lastly but not least…….

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and are truly inspired to experiment with wedding guest outfit ideas. I will definitely be sharing more fashion ideas in my future posts. You can let me know what kind of content you’d like to see as well.

As always thanks for stopping by!

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