A fun way to kickstart the week – Official Vibes

Mondays don’t have to be dreadful anymore!

One of the great ways of elevating your Monday mood is by adding some sass to your official wear! Oh yes, you heard me right!

The kind of attire you choose to wear is one of the defining factors when it comes to which kind of current you operate within. You can hence diligently opt for garments that are not only comfortable but also make you feel vibrant for that extra mood boost.

Monday blues are not always easy to dismiss.

There are lots of official skirt and trouser suits out there but you can try gravitating more towards the one piece designs specifically for this day. One piece designs are so practical when pulling an outfit together especially on a Monday morning when you want to keep it convinient but on fleek.

I couldn’t imagine a more perfect official dress to kickstart the week than this fun checked grey from Beauty Boutique which is located in Reinsurance Plaza. It will literally lift your spirits which makes it a perfect transitioning attire from weekend to weekday.

Incredibly gentle and soft, the material is easy to care for. You will love the fact that it has an amazing charm from the horizontal lines on the waist area which highlights your curves in a modest way.

You don’t need to iron it which is a plus while on a Monday transition mode. The mid sleeves and knee length gives you good coverage which makes it fit as an office wear for that modern plus sized woman.

And because you love comfort, you’ll need shoes that deliver exactly that. Less than 3 inches, these blue pumps from Bata Kenya will give you nothing but ultra comfort ofcourse with extra height. They are soft to the feel and will ensure you move freely during the day without making your feet angry.


My next post will be a TRY-ON HAUL on cute summer and official dresses.

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Hope you are keeping safe!

Have a pleasant week!

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