6 amazing reasons why a closet purge will change your life

Have you found yourself with a closet full of clothes yet little to wear? If that’s you, then you need to consider a closet purge!Like seriously!

Our closets may get a little cluttered as we go through life. Probably your style may change hence the clothes no longer spark joy to you or the clothes may no longer fit you hence making you have loads of unused clothes. Amazingly some of these clothes pile up in your closet for several months or even years.

What’s a closet purge you ask?

A closet purge is simply the act of making your closet free from items which are no longer serving you. These could be shoes, clothes or even jewellery. You can also say it’s a way of curating your wardrobe to make it more practical.

The gift is in the giving! What’s not benefiting you, may be someone else’s treasure. You can opt to donate or giveaway the extras in your closet. Some people really have a hard time releasing things even if they are no longer serving them. If that is you, look a it this way: yes it may not be easy but learn from your mistake and consider it a blessing to someone else.

Instead of having piles of such pieces, which may even grow mold, why not put a smile on someones face. There is someone out there who will be totally thankful. You will be amazed how this feeling is so refreshing.

I don’t know about you but my way of closet purging is if i buy three, two must go either to a relative, a friend or a charity center of my choice.

What do you actually gain from closet purge?

  1. Learning to make more strategic purchases

Are there times when you’ve gone for shopping with lets say a 50 dollar budget in mind then you ends up with 60 or even 100 dollar worth of items?At times we buy items with little thought on whether they are necessary or not.

A vigorous closet purging process, makes you carefully analyze everything that is in your closet. This makes you realize whats worth keeping and whats not hence no more random buys which in turn means less closet cluttering.

You will learn why you have what you have and if its adding value to your life. This eventually makes you have intentional choices and you start thinking strategically before making any purchases.

2. Reduce visual stress

A cluttered closet actually places a lot of burden to your mind subconsciously. Surrounding yourself with pieces which you truly love and are practical will make you happier as compared to a cluttered closet full of items which are no longer serving you.

3. Trace items easily

Reducing unused pieces allows you to locate what you want more quickly hence saving your precious time for other activities which deserve your undivided attention.

There is no more diving in piles of denim trying to locate what you want. No more going through hundreds of hangers looking for what you want. Your choices are basically simplified.

4. Discover Lost pieces

As you go through the closet purge, you may come across pieces which you thought were lost yet they weren’t. Its actually a way of discovering lost treasures some of which you probably were planning to buy again.

5. Extra Space

As you eliminate the unnecessary clothes, shoes or jewellery you may end up getting extra space which can be used for something else.

6. Style clarity

As you get rid of what is no longer sparks joy to you in your closet, you get to try on few pieces and get to understand what blends with what or which color pallets speaks to you more. This gives you some style clarity.

Ready for a closet purge? In the next post, i will share Steps to effortlessly purge your closet.


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