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15 Gift Ideas for Her – Fashion, Style, Beauty and Luxury

Today’s post is a little bit different. We are approaching Valentines Day clearly and I thought why not share The Best Gift Ideas For Her! These are gifts you can give her not only during Valentine’s Day but also on her special days such as graduation, birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, promotion and basically any milestone which she achieves. The list is endless.

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These gifts are geared to any woman in your life. This could be your daughter, sister, cousin, mum, wife, friend, colleague or even grandma..oh yes grandma! I know different people have varied budgets hence the gifts I’m sharing are a mixture of moderately priced, inexpensive and a little over the top ones in case you want to splurge on her.

I will put LINKS to the stores where applicable for ease of access just in case you wanna shop. Without further adieu lets dive into this:

Gift Idea 1: Spa Treatments

There is nothing more luxurious than a visit to the spa especially during that special day. Spa treatments are a luxury which many women occasionally love to indulge in. It’s such a great way to relax and distress.

Spa dreaming has a large collection with over 100 relaxing spa experiences in Nairobi to choose from! Their different packages include massages, manicure, pedicure, facials, body scrubs/polishes, body wraps and pre/post natal massages. You additionally get access to facilities such as swimming pools, steam rooms, sauna, Jacuzzi . There is even accommodation for specific Spa-cation Packages.

Prices range from 40$ to over 150$. I’ve actually been a beneficiary of their services courtesy of my friends Yvonne and Rebbeca (In case you are reading this thanks loves once again). I can hence vouch for Spa Dreaming.

Gift Idea 2: DIY Home Pampering Kits

You can also opt to bring the Spa home for her by getting a DIY Home Spa Kit. Sometimes after the exhaustion of a long day when she doesn’t have time to recharge from a Spa this kinds of kits give a little relaxation and TLC.

I’ve seen HomeSpaKe with really lovely hampers containing bath salts, body scrubs, bath bombs, cleansing soaps, lip scrubs and lip balms. The beauty about this store is that their products don’t have artificial additives or preservatives and it’s made in Kenya with nothing but lots of love.

Gift Idea 3: Exquisitely Crafted Jewellery

If she loves her jewellery, instead of just buying mass produced very common pieces, take it a notch higher on that special day by getting her some exquisitely crafted jewellery which is different from everyone else’s. Look for jewelers who diligently stock unique pieces. If they can customize that’s a PLUS. You can consider going for jewellery sets with several pieces. Sets are versatile because the pieces can be worn separately or together for that elegant look.

I’ve heard good reviews about Little Jewelers and Purpink. I will put a link to these stores but you can still explore various other jewelers and feel free to share recommendations in the comment box below this post.

Gift Idea 4: Jewellery Organiser with Mirror

You can get her somewhere chic to organize her sentimental jewelry pieces. There is this lovely jewellery Organizer with a mirror at Purpink which features compartments with rings and watch divider sections. It’s actually a secure one and can be locked for extra security. An added bonus is that it doubles as home decor.

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Gift Idea 5: Personalized Jewelry Travel Case

If she travels frequently, you can also get her a personalized jewellery travel case. You want to save her from the hussle of traveling and finding her jewellery scattered all over as if there was a house party in her suit case lol. I’ve linked a cute piece from Purpink. You can actually personalize it by writing her name on it.

Gift Idea 6: Premium Quality Hair Extensions

You can spoil her with hair extensions too. At times a woman’s hair needs to get a break from constant combing hence hair extensions are the best option. You can opt to splurge by getting her Luscious Hair Extensions for that effortless glamour. The beauty about good quality hair extensions is that they last for over 5 years. Nywele Creative has the finest virgin hair extensions in town. They also customize the hair extensions into amazing wigs.

Gift Idea 7 :Hair Equipment and Luxurious Hair Care Products

If she already has good quality hair extensions, you can get her a hair tool or hair tools! This could be a curling iron, flat iron or drier amongst others. LilyHairline – International has world class user friendly hair equipment which she can comfortably use at home.

Additionally you can throw in amazing hair care products to help maintain the hair extensions and keep them bouncy and fresh. Nywele Creative again has great hair extension care products i.e hair leave in treatment, shampoos, argan oil etc

Gift Idea 8: Good Quality Makeup

If your girl loves makeup, you can get her a quality eyeshadow pallets, finishing spray or makeup brushes/sponges. Foundation is the only tricky thing to buy since you need to know her exact shade. You can alternatively opt to get her a makeup gift voucher. Mac Stores has gift vouchers from 2,500 onwards. Joana K Cosmetics has really good make up too.

Gift Idea 9: Makeup organizer

If you feel like she has enough makeup already, you can get her a house for her lipsticks, mascaras, eye shadows and foundation amongst others. Let her display her makeup in style. There is this lovely 16 compartment versatile make-up organiser at the Vituzote Website. Again if your budget is tight you can check Purpink for cheaper options. Like I said the links will be below this post.

Gift Idea 10: A classy bag

Women need different bags for different occasions. Whether it’s that weekend bag where she can throw in everything and go for that stay cation or an executive bag to carry her laptop to that business meeting, you can treat her with not only a stylish but classy bag and you will be remebered forever lol. Just get to know which type of bag she needs the most.

I know there are so many stores out there but Yallo, a Kenyan Brand has some really amazing statement pieces. If you are looking for genuine leather, they pride themselves with this! The beauty about investing in quality is that it lasts long and you don’t have to keep replacing which is value for money if you look at it from a wider perspective.

Gift Idea 11: Designer Sun Glasses

This is also a very thoughtful gift. You can choose to get her designer sunglasses with UV protection.There are so many sunglasses out there but sadly most don’t have protection.

Spoil her and take it further this festive season by getting ones with UV Protection. It’s such a perfect accessory and also helps keep off harmful sun rays which doubles up as an anti aging piece. You can check Optica’s Sun Glasses Section for variety.

Gift Idea 12 :Update her shoe game

Shoes are timeless. A great pair of shoes as a gift will never be out of place. Shoes have the ability to transform a woman’s looks even if she’s wearing the simplest outfit. You just simply need to change the shoes to transform the language of an outfit.

If you are absolutely sure about her size and color buy her directly but just in case you want to give her freedom to choose herself, get her a shoe gift voucher. Backyard shoes has gift vouchers plus I’ve seen a great collection in this store.

Gift Idea 13: Fragrances

I’m yet to know a woman who doesn’t love smelling good. Getting her good perfume is also another awesome gift idea.If you want to sludge, you can go for the designer perfumes. In case your budget is tight, you can consider Bath & Body Works. It has yummy fragrances as well. You can shop for fragrances at His&Hers Scents.

Gift Idea 14: HandBag Stand

Let your loved one manage her wardrobe by getting her an aesthetically easy to set up handbag stand. This will help her keep her bags and even hats neatly organized. The beauty about this gift is that it will save space too. You can find lovely stands at jumia or better still get one customized if you have a good carpenter. I’ve seen amazing ones displayed by carpenters along jogoo road and lenana, Ngong road.

Gift Idea 15: Clothes shopping voucher

You can elevate her wardrobe by getting her a Clothes Shopping Voucher. A voucher works best in these kinds of gifts. She gets to personally visit the store and select whatever outfit she wants in the correct color and size. Vivo Woman has gift vouchers which can be delivered online and are redeemable at any of their stores. Aint that convenient? Share your thoughts below this post.


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  5. Personalised Jewellery Travel Case : Purpink
  6. Luscious Hair Extension : Nywele Creative
  7. Hair Equipment: LilyHairline – International Luxurious Hair Care Products : Nywele Creative
  8. Good quality make up : Joanna K Cosmetics & Mac Stores – For this there is no specific link. You can visit any of their branches and ask for a gift voucher. They have branches at Hilton, Garden city, The Junction and The Hub amongst others
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