What’s in your weekend bag? Weekend bag essentials

Hey lovelies, had such a great brunch with a good friend called Caro a while ago and she kept on complaining the way her bag was heavy! A quick glance at her bag I was surprised because it not only had a lot of what I’d call random stuff but it was an official enormous bag which clearly didn’t fit the bill as a weekend bag.

I know we all have our tastes and preferences and there are no hard rules but after asking her why the official bag on a weekend she was like, ”I thought a bag is a bag and the one you carry to the office can still be a weekend bag ama?”

Do you wear different bags on the weekend versus during the week?

That incident got me inspired to come up with this blog post and today I’m going to share with you what i pack in my weekend bag plus where you can get such a lovely bag. Generally for the weekends, I like having my hands free so i gravitate more towards bags which can be worn as cross bags and over the shoulder on days when I’m trying to dress up and look glamorous and all. I love adjusting the bag straps to hit my hip area for that chic look and don’t like it higher than that.

I find smaller casual bags like the Jade Shoulder Bag above to work well for weekends. This shoulder bag is made of PU leather, which is durable and comfortable. It also has a polyester lining and zipper closure. Its geometric pattern and baguette shape makes it an ideal bag for the weekend. The material is anti-water which is a plus. It measures  21cm x 16cm x 5.5cm

No offense to bigger bags though but i find the larger the weekend bag, the more junk I’ll end up stuffing in there like different colored notebooks,about 4 different lip balms, 3 different scarfs and nail polish or anything else I can think of!

Here are ….things which i carry in my weekend bag:

The first time i started adding stuff to this bag, i was incredibly surprised by the fact that i could fit a ton in it. Besides being a weekend bag, this is also the bag that I can take with me on trips away because having hands free on weekends is just the best!

  1. Phone

This one is not negotiable. You need to keep in touch with the world. The first thing that i throw in my bags and not just the weekend one is my cell phone. I don’t know about you but this is such a necessity in the world lately.

2. Some makeup and mirror for touch ups

You don’t need to pile your entire makeup collection in the bag. I feel one or two key makeup pieces will still help you in doing some touch ups when need arises. Some powder and lip gloss will help you touch up on your make up effortlessly.

This Mac powder does the job well. An added bonus is that i don’t need to buy a separate compact mirror since it comes with one inside. I also don’t need to carry a powder brush since it comes with a sponge for application which works well for touch ups.

Nobody loves dry chapped lips. Throw in a moisturizing lip gloss to help keep those lips happy.

3. Pocket Size Wet wipes

These are versatile hygiene products which come in handy when lets say you want to clean a surface before using it or maybe when something spills on you and you want to clean it up. Most wet wipes are inexpensive. I prefer individually packed ones because they help seal moisture very well compared to the ones which are not packed individually as they tend to dry up which beats the purpose at the end.

4. Pocket Size Sanitizer

Besides Covid – 19, there are so many germs around us that could still make us sick. When you have a million and one things to do, you don’t have time to get sick. Carry around a pocket friendly hand sanitizer to kill germs in situations when you can’t access running water and soap easily. Eliminate those germs before they get an opportunity to bring you down with diseases.

Love this Velvet 70% alcohol hand sanitizer. Always remember to check the expiry date and recommended percentage of alcohol.

5. Pocket Size Tissues

Have you ever felt like sneezing out of the blue or got an abrupt running nose? Pocket size tissues are a must. Always have pocket tissue in your bag for those surprise incidences. This Aryuv Pocket Tissues are super soft hence very handy.

6. Pocket Size Hand Lotion

It is very easy to get those dry hands with the constant sanitizing and washing hands you will need some moisturizer for hands to keep them soft and supple. Remember to carry your hand lotion.

Love this Apple & Honey Body Cream. It helps keep my hands moisturised. The smell is heavenly! Had to mention that..;)

7. Gum or mints

Fowl breath is not negotiable. Always have some mints or gum. Fresh breath is not negotiable.

8. Floss

There is nothing as awkward as giving someone a wide toothy smile only to be told that you have some piece of kale or sukumawiki as we call it in my country. I carry tooth floss in my bag to help prevent such awkward moments.

9. Sunglasses

10. Wallet

You definitely need a wallet with all your essentials in the bag. I know with the pandemic most of us prefer cashless but lets not talk about how annoying it is to swipe your card or try mobile banking only to realize there is a system upgrade (this has happened to me so many times and it’s the worst feeling ). It’s good to always have some cash in your wallet to avoid these and other kinds of disappointments.

Also remember to carry your ID and business cards in the wallet. You never know who you could rub shoulders with. A golden business opportunity could present itself anytime. (In case you need contacts to someone who makes perfectly polished business cards do not hesitate to reach us here)

Are you a pack rat in bigger tote bags or prefer smaller shoulder bags for the weekend!?

Do you think I’ve forgotten anything else that you need in your weekend bag? Feel free to share it down below!

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