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3 amazing reasons why you should always carry a Kikoi on a Beach Vacation

Kikois are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing which should not be left behind as you travel for your beach vacations!

On today’s blog post, I’m sharing with you 3 mind blowing reasons as to why you should always carry a Kikoi on a Beach Vacation.

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First things first! What is a Kikoi?

A kikoi is a large piece of cloth usually cotton. It is actually considered a part of Swahili culture in Kenya. Kikois are usually rectangular in shape. I find bright colored or patterned pieces perfect for the beach.

One amazing thing about Kikois is that they do not take much space while packing so you can easily travel with them. I pack roughly 2 to 3 pieces while traveling. They are also easy to find and relatively affordable. You can easily get them at Maasai Market while in Nairobi.

To prove how versatile Kikois are, without futher adieu here are 3 reasons why you should always carry them for your beach vacays:

  1. Perfect Beach Towels

Instead of those bulky towels to the beach, which take up much space, you can opt for a Kikoi! They dry quickly and perfect to lie on while on the beach bed.

2. They double as comfy picnic rugs

Sitting on the ground to enjoy lunch/drinks? Roll out your Kikoi and make the whole affair a bit more interesting! They are perfect as picnic blankets.

3. They are perfect Beach Cover Ups

Just incase you are wearing a bikini or bathing suit and want to go probably to the toilets or restaurant, you can cover up yourself with the Kikoi.

So there are 3 reasons why you should always take a Kikoy while travelling for a Beach Vacation! If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up. Don’t also forget to subscribe for this and more!

Any more ideas?

Do let me know in the comments box below…

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Beachwear outfit ideas – It’s NOT a Bikini

Besides a cute bikini, what outfits do you wear to the beach?

There are so many different beach outfit ideas that you can wear and style if you’re not into bikinis! In today’s post, I will focus on styling biker shorts for the beach. Can i get an

Without further adieu lets get started;

Look 1

For that can’t-miss beach look, get a colorful biker short of any type then tone it down by adding a tank top in a solid color…… slightly tack it in to show off some skin for those tropical beach vibes!

Look 2

You can go for a plain biker short then jazz it alittle up with lacey cover up. Lace adds some texture This look is chic yet very modern at the same time in my opinion.

Look 3

You can also try styling the same plain biker shorts by throwing over a kimono. Don’t forget a bright hat because, well, look at it! Beach vibes: achieved.

Look 4

If you like a little extra coverage even at the beach, an umbrella dress is the move. Pair a colorful one with biker shorts then tuck it in on one side for a put-together look that’s still super comfortable.

Look 5

Another easy look is just investing in a few fun sarongs or light scarfs and you’re good to go. You can’t go wrong with a light blue as it will match the ocean. While at this, in case you want to see different fun ways of tying this blue sarong/scarf as Beach Cover ups check out this video which I recently did on my You Tube Channel.

What would you wear to the Beach apart from Bikinis? Feel free to share your thoughts blow!

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Hope you enjoyed today’s post and are looking forward to a fun filled Beach Escapade!

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Wild comfort – What not to wear on a Game Drive Safari plus magical views

If you are planning to go for a game drive safari and are wondering what not to wear for that extra comfort, then this post is absolutely what you need!

I’m going to share with you a general guide on what not to wear for a game drive safari. You can adjust accordingly to fit your liking!I happened to visit Nairobi National Park afew days ago and that’s what actually inspired me to come up with this post.

There is something extremely magical about going for game drives in Kenya. Oh my! every time i go on a game drive safari, it feels like a brand new opportunity to explore the world. I can never get enough of this fun activity. This is the time you get to put everything down, live in the moment and reignite your enthusiasm. What a perfect outdoor adventure to disconnect from the busy lifestyle and fully embrace mother nature.

Before I break down my outfit, Nairobi National Park boasts a variety of wildlife. It’s one of Kenya’s most successful rhinoceroses’ sanctuaries. It’s roughly 7km away from Nairobi city. It is actually the only park that sits in the city worldwide.

The very first thing not to wear is high heeled shoes

I know six inched heels are a woman’s bestie but when it comes to game drives, you need practical shoes such as flat sandals, slip ons or sneakers. This will help you avoid risk falling when climbing on and off the safari cars whose steps can be abit high and slippery. So the first thing which you should not wear while on a game drive safari is heels. It’s more of a safety issue.

I opted for midi boots since it was abit chilly. Besides being comfy, I thought they kept my look interesting without being over the top.

The next thing not to wear is bright colors

When going for game drive safaris, it’s advisable to go for earth tone colors such as the khakis, greens, greys or brown to fit the surrounding. Apparently bright colors distract wild animals and who wants to go to a game drive and not see all the big five simply because their colorful outfit scared off the wildlife!

For this specific safari, I opted for a cap sleeve high low tented dress in grey tiger print. As a size 16UK, I found the comfort in a XL remarkably out of this world. You can still go a size down to L for that snug fit look. I threw a strappy belt on top for that extra sass.

Avoid anything white and choose your bags appropriately

The park is generally dusty. Whether it’s shoes, outfit, your hat or bag void anything white in color otherwise you will look dirty and I’m sure you don’t want that. Choosing lightweight medium sized bags is a great option when going for a game drive. Large handbags may not be necessary because you might need to carry few stuff to a game drive but again no standard rules. Adjust this to fit all your needs accordingly. Torte bags, cross bodies or medium sized back packs works perfectly fine in my opinion.

I carried my phone, sunglasses, wallet, lip balm, gum, hand sanitizer and soft tissues hence this brown black bag worked perfectly for me. It’s great for a quick access to smaller items such as your ID or passport, which is a must have at the entrance of the park. Sounds rather obvious but it’s of importance to ensure your bag is well sealed to avoid your things being thrown to the trunk or pushed under the seat as the car moves in the rough terrain of the park.

P.S: Whatever outfit you choose, don’t forget a second layer! You can consider wearing a warm long sleeved sweater, poncho, hoodie or jacket as a top layer. Good thing about layering is that if it gets warmer, you can always remove the extra layer. It’s better to be prepared for the weather dynamics.

There you go! That’s my list of what not to wear while visiting the park for that extra comfort. I hope this post has given you a general insight so that you can enjoy the scenery and still be comfortable besides looking fly.

Incas I forgot anything, let me have your opinion by commenting below. I would also be very humbled if you liked this posted and shared it will somebody who might need it.

Magical views of the park were captured in these video! Go watch and don’t forget to like, share & subscribe. Thank you!

As always thank you for visiting. Have a pleasant game drive on your next safari and remember to keep comfy.

Outfit Details

Safari Ayana Cap Sleeved High Low Dress – Vivo Woman

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Fashion should be fun. Please turn up the volume 😉

I love experimenting and coming up with different looks and today we are having a color party right here. Can’t get enough of the fun bright colors and patterns on this dress.For me fashion is all about having fun with different styles and this look is just about that.The hues and patterns make it not just an ordinary dress in my opinion.

When it comes to fashion I firmly believe there is no blending in. After all it’s an art and actually a way of expressing who you truly are.These blend of colors called me by my two names the moment I saw them on a maneqquin at Belabsryles and I just had to carry it! Love how the colors complement each other tastefully.

Next time you want some cute fun dresses, before you start complaining the way you can’t find them as a plus sized woman, check out this store! Incorporating simple accessories would definitely complete the look since the dress is colorful and is popping well enough on its own.

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As much as I’m excited about May, still can’t believe the year is almost halfway. For me a new month means new opportunities. At the beginning of every month, I find myself reviewing my resolutions and adjusting accordingly because life happens and plans don’t always go as envisioned. Who can relate?

That aside, as we begin May, I wish you a month filled with unlimited opportunities. May favor come your way as you pursue your purpose in life. Remember keep progressing each day even if it’s one percent improvement but just don’t settle. It may not always be easy but if you can’t run, just crawl. Don’t stop!

Back to fashion….shall we?

Going monochrome is one of my favorite ways of dressing. Monochromatic outfits have this way of effortlessly elevating your look. You can go monochrome with pretty much any color. What I love about this look is the fact that you can experiment with one color in different shades. I find that look to not only be chic but fascinating as well.

My initial plan was to pair this taupe waterfall with some palazzo pants but the moment i got a glimpse the brown dress I decided to pair them together and voila the outfit was complete. The dress is actually a dolman sleeved dress which actually looks good without an extra layer on top. Will definitely style it on it’s own. (Stay tuned for the look on instagram)

The different tones of brown coordinated very well. To finish off the look, i went for my favorite 4 inched pumps. I mean who wouldn’t love shoes with a suede lined foot bed for maximum comfort! I bet now you know why these shoes have been and will still be rotating in my wardrobe like crazy.

I’ve actually named this look ‘hot chocolate. Hot chocolate anyone? Outfit details are as shown below:

Long Lily Waterfall

Cuffed Brown dress

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Three types of BRA – every woman needs

Lets talk about bras today but before that apologies for the late post. This post was supposed to be up yesterday but due to some issues, that did not see light at the end of the day.

Anyway lets do it like we’ve always done it……

It’s not just about how you look in your bra but also about how functional it is (you know the girls need lots of TLC *wink*). Besides oozing feminine energy, bras actually act as reminders that one is important and self care is key hence when selecting them, choose pieces which are comfy, supporting, easy to wear and soft to the touch

Generally the best types of bra are the ones which elevate your overall look and comfort.

With the numerous types of bras out there, one can be spoilt for choice but every woman needs these 3 types of bras! I will start with the most important to least but remember our purchase priorities differ so adjust accordingly to suit your preferences.

  1. Everyday Wear Bra

This is the mother of all bras .This type needs to be carefully sourced because you get to wear it everyday. You need at least three of this type; one which you are wearing, second one which you get to wear when you’ve washed the other and an extra one…you can have more than that of course!

2. Strapless Bra

When you don’t want those bra straps to show, this is your go to bra. Since the band is the only source of support you get from this type of bra, it’s advisable to size down on the band and up in the cup. This gives you that snug fit and helps the girls stay up. Remember however not to go too much smaller!

3. Plunge Bra

These bras are low cut at the center. They work best on those days that you want to rock those low sleeved tops or dresses and don’t want your bra to show, a feature which you cannot achieve with an ordinary bra.

What 3 type of bras do you think every woman needs?

Which stores do you swear by when it comes to good quality bras?


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Splurge vs Save – Wardrobe Edition

Suddenly you have a million and one responsibilities, hence need to operate on a tight budget, but still want to update your wardrobe once in a while. Does anything ring a bell! are not alone darl! The big question is how do you strike a balance in all this!

Learning when to splurge and save can actually be of help!

At times if you spend a little more initially, you will actually save much more long term and still on the flip side there are certain pieces which you can easily get away with when you save on.

Hey and welcome to Authentically Ritah!

In today’s blog post I’m going to talk about what I think is worth being splurged on and what needs to be saved in the wardrobe. Before i delve into this please note that splurging and saving looks different for different people based on so many factors such as lifestyle, age and much more so adjust accordingly.

So where should you splurge?

First things first, splurging means allocating a little bit more of your budget on certain pieces.

Splurge worthy pieces are those which mostly act as your wardrobe basics and can easily elevate the simplest of outfits. These are pieces which you actually incorporate in most of your outfits and though not all most tend to be everyday wears. Definitely the more you wear anything, the more they get exposed on wear and tear so you need to spend a little more for quality on such pieces.

Here are a few things which i consider splurge worthy:

  1. Classic jeans – It is definitely worth spending on that classic blue, black or white jeans which won’t wear easily. These three colors are timeless and complement with most wardrobe pieces.
  2. Undergarments – Small but mighty, good quality undergarments make a whole world of difference. They act as foundations to your outfits and can make or break the overall look. They are totally worth the splurge.
  3. An everyday bag – A good quality bag in a neutral color which can be carried almost everyday and doesn’t wear out quickly is definitely worth an extra effort.
  4. That Little Black Dress – This is such a true classic and can be styled with so many pieces in your closet. I definitely would splurge on this for extra mileage.
  5. Nude shoes – Nude shoes are classic wardrobe pieces which helps you get the most out of your wardrobe. Good quality sandles, heels or ballet shoes will complement your wardrobe effortlessly.
  6. Gym/active wear – Since these are likely to be worn almost every other day, i feel they are worth that extra coin and could take you for years so you don’t have to keep replacing them every now and then.
  7. Boots – Be it’s an ankle, midi or knee high boot i feel you deserve good quality ones which won’t wear as fast
  8. Designer Sunglasses – Of course if you won’t break them. I would definitely splurge on designer sunglasses which have sun protector
  9. Timeless accessories -I would spend abit more on a small selection of those timeless accessory pieces which don’t tarnish and I can go with to almost all events
  10. Leather Jacket – a well made classic leather jacket cannot miss on this list. It is a piece which has actually stood the test of time as it is a very versatile wardrobe piece. Definitely worth a splurge
  11. White sneakers – These are versatile casual essentials which can be rocked with most outfits in your closet. They are worth the splurge too.

and where do you save?

Saving can be done on pieces which you wear less frequently. These are pieces which may or may not be incorporated in your everyday outfits.They could also be seasonal pieces. They are generally not exposed to wear and tear that much.

Like I earlier said, these pieces again could vary for different people. Here are afew ones which I feel could be saved on:

  1. Anything trendy – anything trendy is not worth a splurge in my opinion. Trends come and go and the most they could last if you are lucky is one year.I don’t recommend avoiding trends all together but just don’t blow a lot of moo la on them
  2. Colored jeans – worn once in a while because not paired with most of the outfits. Not worth that extra coin
  3. Basic Tees – I know these ones are worn almost everyday as layering pieces under your coats or blazers. I feel they are not worth a splurge because you can get inexpensive ones which will still serve you the most

Others areas you could save include:- Floral Shoes, Colored sneakers, Sweaters, Hoodies, stockings and sweat shirts

Final Thoughts!

When deciding on whether to splurge or save, the first thing is to make sure it’s something which sparks joy to you! You don’t want to put your hard earned money on just anything. Whatever you buy should be that one piece which elevates your overall look.

I hope you found this post helpful. Where do you spend? Where do you save? Feel free to share your thoughts down below!


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I never imagined I would ever rock jumpsuits, since the horrible experience which i’d had a while ago but I’m glad to have discovered some life changing tips of selecting jumpsuits for plus sized women. I actually shared them in a blog post sometimes last year. Feel free to check the tips out right here just incase you missed the post, ofcourse after reading this!

I have been a fan of Vivo Woman’s Clothing line since as long as i can remember. Besides being a local brand, I have appreciated how she carefully selects materials for her pieces plus the way they are diligently stitched.

Today I’m rocking one of her jumpsuits in a size L. What I particularly love about this jumpsuit is the fact that it has stretchy fabric which goes very well with a plus sized body frame. Although simple i love the ruffle details with a touch of red on the sleeves. It’s such a great detail which makes the outfit so chic and sophisticated. Not to mention, the material is thick and very soft to the feel. The round neck helps complement any plus sized silhouette effortlessly.

I paired the outfit with this lovely red flats from backyard shoes. Totally love the red shade as it makes the outfit pop beautifully.

Outfit Details

Jumpsuit – Vivo Woman Iman Jumpsuit

Shoes – Backyard Shoes


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What’s in your weekend bag? Weekend bag essentials

Hey lovelies, had such a great brunch with a good friend called Caro a while ago and she kept on complaining the way her bag was heavy! A quick glance at her bag I was surprised because it not only had a lot of what I’d call random stuff but it was an official enormous bag which clearly didn’t fit the bill as a weekend bag.

I know we all have our tastes and preferences and there are no hard rules but after asking her why the official bag on a weekend she was like, ”I thought a bag is a bag and the one you carry to the office can still be a weekend bag ama?”

Do you wear different bags on the weekend versus during the week?

That incident got me inspired to come up with this blog post and today I’m going to share with you what i pack in my weekend bag plus where you can get such a lovely bag. Generally for the weekends, I like having my hands free so i gravitate more towards bags which can be worn as cross bags and over the shoulder on days when I’m trying to dress up and look glamorous and all. I love adjusting the bag straps to hit my hip area for that chic look and don’t like it higher than that.

I find smaller casual bags like the Jade Shoulder Bag above to work well for weekends. This shoulder bag is made of PU leather, which is durable and comfortable. It also has a polyester lining and zipper closure. Its geometric pattern and baguette shape makes it an ideal bag for the weekend. The material is anti-water which is a plus. It measures  21cm x 16cm x 5.5cm

No offense to bigger bags though but i find the larger the weekend bag, the more junk I’ll end up stuffing in there like different colored notebooks,about 4 different lip balms, 3 different scarfs and nail polish or anything else I can think of!

Here are ….things which i carry in my weekend bag:

The first time i started adding stuff to this bag, i was incredibly surprised by the fact that i could fit a ton in it. Besides being a weekend bag, this is also the bag that I can take with me on trips away because having hands free on weekends is just the best!

  1. Phone

This one is not negotiable. You need to keep in touch with the world. The first thing that i throw in my bags and not just the weekend one is my cell phone. I don’t know about you but this is such a necessity in the world lately.

2. Some makeup and mirror for touch ups

You don’t need to pile your entire makeup collection in the bag. I feel one or two key makeup pieces will still help you in doing some touch ups when need arises. Some powder and lip gloss will help you touch up on your make up effortlessly.

This Mac powder does the job well. An added bonus is that i don’t need to buy a separate compact mirror since it comes with one inside. I also don’t need to carry a powder brush since it comes with a sponge for application which works well for touch ups.

Nobody loves dry chapped lips. Throw in a moisturizing lip gloss to help keep those lips happy.

3. Pocket Size Wet wipes

These are versatile hygiene products which come in handy when lets say you want to clean a surface before using it or maybe when something spills on you and you want to clean it up. Most wet wipes are inexpensive. I prefer individually packed ones because they help seal moisture very well compared to the ones which are not packed individually as they tend to dry up which beats the purpose at the end.

4. Pocket Size Sanitizer

Besides Covid – 19, there are so many germs around us that could still make us sick. When you have a million and one things to do, you don’t have time to get sick. Carry around a pocket friendly hand sanitizer to kill germs in situations when you can’t access running water and soap easily. Eliminate those germs before they get an opportunity to bring you down with diseases.

Love this Velvet 70% alcohol hand sanitizer. Always remember to check the expiry date and recommended percentage of alcohol.

5. Pocket Size Tissues

Have you ever felt like sneezing out of the blue or got an abrupt running nose? Pocket size tissues are a must. Always have pocket tissue in your bag for those surprise incidences. This Aryuv Pocket Tissues are super soft hence very handy.

6. Pocket Size Hand Lotion

It is very easy to get those dry hands with the constant sanitizing and washing hands you will need some moisturizer for hands to keep them soft and supple. Remember to carry your hand lotion.

Love this Apple & Honey Body Cream. It helps keep my hands moisturised. The smell is heavenly! Had to mention that..;)

7. Gum or mints

Fowl breath is not negotiable. Always have some mints or gum. Fresh breath is not negotiable.

8. Floss

There is nothing as awkward as giving someone a wide toothy smile only to be told that you have some piece of kale or sukumawiki as we call it in my country. I carry tooth floss in my bag to help prevent such awkward moments.

9. Sunglasses

10. Wallet

You definitely need a wallet with all your essentials in the bag. I know with the pandemic most of us prefer cashless but lets not talk about how annoying it is to swipe your card or try mobile banking only to realize there is a system upgrade (this has happened to me so many times and it’s the worst feeling ). It’s good to always have some cash in your wallet to avoid these and other kinds of disappointments.

Also remember to carry your ID and business cards in the wallet. You never know who you could rub shoulders with. A golden business opportunity could present itself anytime. (In case you need contacts to someone who makes perfectly polished business cards do not hesitate to reach us here)

Are you a pack rat in bigger tote bags or prefer smaller shoulder bags for the weekend!?

Do you think I’ve forgotten anything else that you need in your weekend bag? Feel free to share it down below!

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Shop the weekend bag right here

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How to wear Hair Fascinators without looking Frumpy

There is nothing that speaks elegance than Hair Fascinators! Can i get an Amen??

Hair fascinators are accessories which are often worn as an alternative to hats but they can easily communicate ‘frumpy’ if not worn correctly. If you love it stylish when it comes to accessorizing then you might just be interested in this post because I will share some amazing tips on how to rock your fascinators without looking frumpy!

Hair fascinators are like a hidden treasure that needs to be utilised more often. They can be worn to functions such as Cocktail Parties, Christening, Bridal Showers or any other formal function just to mention but afew. The beauty about hair fascinators is that they can stand alone effortlessly.

There are no set rules on how you should rock your hair fascinators but here are a few general guidelines which you may wish to adhere to when choosing to wear your fascinators if you don’t want to look frumpy;

Choose the right shape of fascinator

Before I mention anything else, a fascinator double the size of your head is abit off queen! Get a fascinator which is proportional to your head. You might need to consider the shape of your head while choosing a fascinator. If you have a rounder face, you can opt for tall fascinators. If you have a longer thinner face, on the other hand a disc fascinator would work best.

Choose right color

If your outfit features more than one colour you could match the fascinator to accent colors within it. You could also match it to accessories you will be wearing such as your shoes, belt or bag. This could be done to create an amazing coordination of color and can really blend an outfit together.

If you don’t want to be matchy matchy, you could go for a fascinator in a contrasting color to your dress. For example, a jungle green dress would look beautiful with a contrasting fascinator in red, yellow or orange. Please note the contrasting colour does not have to be bright. Cool colors also do the magic!

How to wear fascinators

Generally, fascinators are usually worn on the right side of the head slightly above the the eye brow. They can be secured on your head with either a clip or band. Choose what works for you depending on the hairstyle which you are wearing.

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