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4 tricks to spot high quality Jeans

A great pair of jeans is a wardrobe staple. Raise your hand if you agree with this …lol. Raise your hand again if you agree that selecting a great pair of jeans can be challenging!

Jeans are one of the most preferred casual outfit by not only women but men as well. They come in different colors and designs and the beauty about them is that they can be paired with so many outfits . Unfortunately, with so many imitated jeans around which are susceptible to wear and degradation, it can be tough knowing what to look out for when selecting your jeans.

If you are one of the people who find it hard to differentiate between high quality jeans and low quality, worry no more because on today’s blog post, I’m summing up tips you can incorporate when shopping your jeans for that good quality pair. So without further ado, lets dive in:

1.Strong Durable Denim Material

You can tell a lot about the quality of jeans by the strength of material. While shopping for jeans, ensure that you feel the material diligently with your hands. High quality material should be strong to the touch. In case it feels loose, weak or otherwise cheap, they are probably low-quality jeans and, thus, should be ditched without much thought.

2. Non-plastic Buttons

Weather it’s one or several, most jeans have buttons. The quality of buttons is another thing to watch out for as they will also tell if the jeans is high quality or not. Good quality buttons are secure and not made of plastic or cheap aluminum which tends to fall apart or break easily. Good quality jeans features premium quality material such as steel, copper, alloy etc.

3.Good Quality Stitching

Don’t forget to check out the stitching at the edges of jeans while shopping. High-quality jeans should be durable to reduce chances of wear and tear when you put them on or wash them. Firm, uniform and even stitching is one sign of good quality jeans. You can always test the quality of stitches by gently stretching them at the seams. If the stitches are pulling apart hence loose and there is no uniformity, you are most likely looking at a poor quality pair of jeans and should ditch it instantly.

4. Strong Rivets

Ninety percent of the jeans we wear have rivets. Besides threading, rivets are small fasteners used to hold and reinforce seams together on your jeans. You will find them mostly around top of your pockets.

While shopping for good quality jeans, check them out too because you can easily differentiate between premium denim from low-quality denim by simply looking at the rivets. Premium denim has durable, heavy-duty rivets while low-quality denim while low quality ones, have cheaper weak rivets.

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