Best advice for Fashion You Tubers today

The year is still young and I’m sure there is someone out there whose resolution is to start their own Fashion YouTube channel this 2021!

If this resonates with you, you don’t have to go through the extreme learning curve. You can actually learn from someone’s mistakes and that’s why in this blog post, I’m going to share with you some mistakes which you need to avoid when starting your own Fashion YouTube channel.

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It’s been roughly 3 to 4 months since i launched my Fashion YouTube Channel and I’m actually on my 21st video!

It feels so unbelievable because i remember wanting to start this but never starting because of what I’d call baseless excuses! For so many weeks starting a Fashion YouTube Channel was something I really wanted and it was so demotivating not starting it week after week.

Since starting that Fashion YouTube Channel, Ive made my own mistakes here and there! These mistakes have costed me to some extent and i feel like its good to share with you so that you minimize your learning curve just in case you are making the same mistakes.

So without further adieu lets get started, here are Fashion YouTube mistakes which you need avoid when starting out your Fashion Channel:

1. Procrastination

How long have you wanted to start that Fashion YouTube Channel?

If you are the way i was a few months ago, then most likely you are that one person who is being crippled by procrastinating !

A while ago I used to say if I buy new outfits, look a certain way, get perfect lighting and a fancy backdrop, then I’ll be able to start my Fashion YouTube Channel! But several weeks later, I have been shooting from the bedroom with no fancy backdrop and using nothing but natural lighting from the window. 80% of the outfits which I’ve styled on my channel have been rotated in my closet for the last few months and some even years!

You just need to punch fear and perfection as Sean Cannell from Think Media on YouTube says and just press start! You will only learn once you start. The reason I’ve started with this point is because if i don’t start with it then the other points which I’m going to share won’t make that much sense!

Before i forget, I’m starting a Facebook group called YouTube Network where new you tubers or anybody aspiring to start one, can join and collaboratively work together to support each other. If interested join us right here.

2. Lack of consistency

The next mistake which you need to avoid is lack of consistency!How would you feel when you keep seeing an advert about this new boutique in town but anytime you go there, it’s always closed!

Vanessa Lau, amongst other successful you tubers, advocates on being consistent in uploading YouTube videos if at all you want it to grow. Clearly this has been tried and tested because she says once she started uploading consistently, she has grown very fast within a short span of time and this is evident on her channel. I will put a link to her channel if at all you want to check her out.

Taking a look at my own experience, when starting out my Fashion YouTube Channel, I was not that consistent it affected me negatively because I was stagnant at some point. I never seemed to get views and subscribers and thinking of it critically, It won’t make sense if you post videos so scantily! Your subscribers will have no reason to subscribe and even you as a YouTuber will loose the momentum of creating content. There is something special about being consistent in life. You always want to be better!

I’m currently working on uploading a video every week on my channel and I can say at least i’m getting more views and subscribers compared to when I was inconsistent! The views might not be that much yet but there is growth which is what counts in my opinion. So if you are starting out, just remember to focus more on consistency.

3. Concentrating too much on views

Mistake number 3 is concentrating too much on views!

When you are starting out, you might be tempted to concentrate on views and this can easily make you forget creating content especially if your previous video didn’t get lots of views.

Yes views are absolutely important but as you start your key focus should be on creating and constantly improving your content. Views will always come after you’ve created valuable content. I’ve seen some videos picking up immediately and some a month or even two later. Check out the analytics but don’t be wrapped up in them like crazy. At the bottom of it all enjoy the process.

I cannot end this before thanking you for supporting this blog this far! I hope this blog post has inspired you to start that YouTube channel! Wish you nothing but success!

Until next time have a lovely day! Bye

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